Cabin Fever Sets in Early


Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever Descends on Big Lake Campground

Recently we’ve been suffering polar vortex after polar vortex.  (Since when is a snow storm a polar vortex anyway?) Having lived in the U.P. for some time, I would like to say that Cabin Fever fears no Yooper Veteran. I admit, I am a transplant and I have impure Yooper blood, but I can contest to the fact that Cabin Fever is merciless to any age, gender, health levels, and yes… yooper vet status.

It has been a long, hard winter already and we haven’t even made it to February.  These sub-zero temperatures and 30mph wind gusts have kept the garage frozen, the snow sled grumpy, and this old man’s bones creakin’.  I’m proud to say I’m not too old to dig myself a path to the front door (to find it)…or to the roof of the barn (only part of the house I could find).

BUT this post is not to complain (but we did). This post is to simply look back at a most beautiful summer and wish with all our might that the sun will show itself again soon.

Hope everyone is making through all our “polar vortexes” and that we will soon see “the light”… and grass…. hopefully by May.  Maybe.

Take Care!

Sunset of Big Lake Campground beach 2013
Sunset of Big Lake Campground beach 2013

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