Camping Sites

Upper Peninsula Camping

Big Lake Campground has 15 Camp Sites

– There are 5 Lakefront Lots and 6 Northside Lots.

– The 6 Northside Lots are the easiest to pull in and out of, especially for our bigger rigs

– There are also 2-3 sites worth of space in the center of the campground. This space is usually used for large groups.

Lot 4 & 5 Camp Sites
The fifth wheel is in lot 4 and the motor home with boat is in lot 5
Overview of Camp Sites
This picture shows our large center lot with the red truck.  Lot #1 is where the trailer is along the wood line, shown in front of the outhouse.  Lot #2 is empty and Lot #3 is shown with a trailer and a red car. (Note: that is not the central water line pictured)
Lakeside Lots
This picture shows lots 1-5: our Lake Lots. The trailer with the small red car is lot #3, white truck is lot #4, and the motorhome with boat is in lot #5 (better pics soon)
Lot #3 - Camping Sites at Big Lake Campground
This shows lot #3 and a sliver of lot #2
Northside Lots at Big Lake Campground
Side view of our Northside Lots. These are easiest to pull in and out of.