Tenting in #PureMichigan Weather

#PureMichigan Weather…..  Enough Said.

Tree down at Big Lake Campground

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know the weather has been a bit on the hormonal side up here.   One day its 90 degrees with a side of heat stroke and the next its 60 with winds that could knock down a full grown white pine.

Last week we had winds that knocked down some of our larger lake front trees.  (Hope no one was tenting!!)  Which brings a good point…..

TENTING:  If you are tenting in hurricane force winds and tsunami-type rains, never hesitate to come up to our barn.  We have foam and blankets for moments like this.  If you catch us on a grocery week, we’ll probably even make eggs and bacon for you while your in there!

PS: If you have been with us in the last month, you know that our website is under “long-term” construction. All information is correct, but beauty takes time.  Please notice our cool little “Weather Widget” at the bottom of each page.  You can also see the whole 10-Day forecast on the Homepage.

Tree Down in #PureMichigan

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